Circus [sur-kuhs]


  • an eclectic artform only limited by your imagination
  • a place of uproar and confusion
  • a large open-air venue used for public events in the ancient Roman Empire

Oz [oz]


  • affectionate term for Australia often heard at the cricket or footy
  • alternative definition, friends of Dorothy
  • abbreviation for ounces for measuring weight of gold


At Circus Oz we are embarking on our next exciting chapter.

The pandemic has been the most dramatic of interruptions. It has flipped us around. The Melbourne context has kept us suspended longer. But we’ve embraced it as a rare gift to reflect. It has sparked us to question our direction. It has challenged us to explore what can circus uniquely contribute to our new world? Risk-taking, joy, innovation; the extraordinary out of the seemingly ordinary.

We are emerging from lockdowns with a refreshed vision. We are embracing our leadership role to be a focal point for circus arts in Australia.

The second half of 2021 will see us transform our extraordinary home base into a lively engine room for circus creation. We will open our doors as a venue for new shows and next generation circus. We will provide opportunities for career development to support the health of our incredible industry. And you’ll experience circus popping up in surprising places as we contribute to the vibrancy and energy of our society.

This is an Experiment will test the boundaries of making and sharing creative moments. We invite you to be part of the journey.


We are currently advertising for the following roles:

Young Punk Creative Lab

Facilitated by Circus Oz, the Young Punk Creative Lab is a free masterclass workshop for artists to enhance their existing skillset to translate onto screen and engage with creation strategies for narrative-based circus.