Associate [uh-soh-shee-it]


  • a person who shares actively in anything as a business, enterprise, or undertaking; partner; colleague; fellow worker:

The Associate Program invites artists to use our circus centre in a process of purposeful and accidental collaboration. It’s more than just about our physical space. It’s what happens within, outside, in between and beyond.

We know the creative process is rarely linear.  Artists are invited to seek in-kind support for their practice in whatever way they wish. This could include:

  • Hot desking
  • Rehearsal space
  • Advice & feedback support – production, marketing, etc.
  • Access to apparatus, retired props or other on-hand resources
  • Staging a viewing & presentation support including access to our networks
  • Something we haven’t thought of yet

Tell us what you need. It could inspire us to develop something new. We are testing what it takes to make our building a living artists’ asset

There aren’t many limits to who can apply to be an Associate. In fact, there’s only one:

  1. We are looking for artists who are open to a genuine spirit of community and openness to experimentation.

The program runs for six months from July.

Applications for artists and groups to be part of the Associate Program open Tuesday 22 June and close Monday 12 July at 5pm. 


Not at all  let us know what you need. For example, if that is 2 hours in the morning on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for 3 weeks then we can make that work. Be as specific as you can about what you need and when as this helps us shape the program. However, we do ask you to respect shared resources and to show up when you have space allocated. 

Absolutely you can, the Associate program is open to individuals and groups. 

No, there is no stipend available to Associates – this is an in-kind support program. 

Not completelyThe allocation of studios, rehearsal spaces and hotdesking is arranged in advance, and access will be available when we have staff in the building. We also have that pesky COVID numbers requirement tmanage now and possibly into the future. So, allocating specific times is essential for the best use of resources and safe practicesIf you need access outside of business hours for something specific, we will do our best to accommodate. The Incubator program will also likely have collective moments for fostering a sense of community that all Associates will be welcome to participate in outside of allocated space times. 

We need to have a sense of numbers for managing resources, equitable share and COVID requirements. If you don’t know who, a sense of potential numbers is useful. When we curatthe Associate program, if we have more demand than we can support we are committed to providing access to artists and practitioners who may not accessed our support previously. Our curatorial approach will also consider the opportunity to spark new artistic connections that may have never had the chance to develop before. The ‘who’ can help us make informed choices across these different priorities. 


Program details

Number on offer:
Start Date:
Location: Circus Oz – 50 Perry Street, Collingwood VIC
Applications close: 12 July 2021