Fellowship [fel-oh-ship]


  • friendly association, especially with people who share one’s interests.


This is a paid opportunity to support circus artists to develop their artistic practice and leadership.

There are five Fellowship positions available, including one dedicated for a First Nations artist and another for an artist with disability. We encourage applications from people of all identities and experiences. 

This is not an online or remote opportunity. Fellows are expected to have an active presence mainly at our circus centre in Collingwood, Victoria. 

Two travel bursaries are available to contribute to costs for successful interstate/regional Fellows.

We will be investing in Fellows and offering additional financial support to further develop prototypes and experimentations. This could support you to bring in additional artists, build props or sets, experiment with new technology or to show your work – publicly or in house.

You will get space, funding, support and community.

  • We are giving circus artists permission to experiment and dream. You don’t have to already have a plan but should be able to tell us what you are curious about and what drives you creatively.  There is no requirement for specific outcomes from Fellows.
  • We are interested in the future of your practice, and open to discussion for future outcomes and how we can assist in making them a reality.
  • Fellowship time is your own – could be for research project, creative development, anything. You are welcome to bring other collaborators in as needed and to collaborate with each other / other incubator participants.  
  • You can expect to be a part of the Circus Oz core team and will be a key part of activating the building, developing the sector and the artform.

We will get innovation, provocation, energy and community.

  • We are interested in artists who are interested in us. Applicants should have an active involvement in the wider circus ecology and an interest in Circus Oz.
  • We expect that our Fellows will be prepared to have an active role in cultivating a sense of community around the Circus Oz Incubator.
  • We’re looking for a willingness to contribute to the company’s artistic investigations
  • We want you to bring your unique and valuable perspectives to internal discussions at senior levels and with program design.


No. If you do, that’s great, tell us about it. If you don’t that’s great too, tell us about what you are interested in, what you would hope to gain from your time, ideas or processes that you may want to explore during your time with us. 

What is an outcome anyway? The vision for this program recognises that, even pre-pandemic, artists’ energies are often taken up completely by the “production line”, and the chance to experiment is rare. We understand that this is a process, not a production line, so outcomes may develop and evolve throughout your time as a Fellow. By electing not to define or require outcomes as we perceive them, we are giving you the agency to decide what an “outcome” means to you. We see this as an opportunity to help develop leadership within the sector – we are not eliminating the option for outcomes – we are trying to create an environment in which you can exercise genuine leadership. We also believe that regardless of what happens in these six months, your long-term growth, development, and career progression will be a valid and important “outcome” of this program.  

We anticipate that you will be committing to being with us full time for the 6 months, but you are welcome to come and go as you wish – set the hours that work for you and if you need to take time off for shows, tours or anything else we absolutely support you to do that. We want the program to be flexible to support artists as much as possible. So, the “full time” expectation is really about consistency and commitment – we want the Fellows to feel like they are invested in Circus Oz and the Incubator community over that whole six month period, and that can happen in a lot of different ways. Importantly, we want the Fellows to have a presence in the building over that time so that they are contributing to and benefitting from the sense of community and bringing the space alive. 

The Fellowship program is for individuals – we want to work with you. If you wish to bring in collaborators for specific projects or time periods then you are welcome to do so. 

You do. Anything that you create whilst on your fellowship is yours to do whatever you like. When you finish your Fellowship, you take your work with you. 

The fellowships are awarded to individuals and the stipend is fixed, regardless of how each Fellow wants to use the time and resources available to them. If you have a specific project you would like to work on during your time as a Fellow, that’s great and we’d love to hear about itWe are also open to receiving applications from artists who are interested in research and development or don’t have a specific project or projects In all cases, the stipend stays the same and goes directly to the individual Fellow for them to use as they please. 

Sometimes, but not in this case. We chose it to describe our program because the word “fellow” derives from the Old English feolaga which means roughly “one who shares something” and is etymologically not gendered. Fellow is widely used in professional and academic circles to refer to a respected member who is granted privileges in recognition of their work and achievements. 


Fellowship details

Number on offer: 5
Length: Six Months
Start Date: July 2021
Provided: Stipend of $40,000
Location: Circus Oz – Collingwood Yards - 35 Johnston St, Collingwood
Applications close: 12 July 2021