Incubator [in-kyuh-bey-ter]


  • A place or situation that permits or encourages the formation and development, as of new ideas 


Circus Oz is sharing our world-class circus centre to provide an environment that is primed to support artists’ practice.

We’re saying yes to a diversity of voices that are open to igniting, challenging and collaborating in an environment that is empowering and where care for artists is paramount. Artists are, and have always been, the heartbeat of Circus Oz. 

This is an opportunity to pioneer something new with us. This is an experiment.

There are two opportunities to be part of the Circus Arts Incubator: Fellowships (open to individuals) and the Associate Program (open to individuals and groups). 

Associate Program

The Associate Program will invite artists to use our circus centre in a process of purposeful and accidental collaboration. It’s more than just about our physical space. It’s what happens within, outside, in between and beyond. 


There are five Fellowship positions available, of which one is dedicated for a First Nations practitioner and another for a practitioner with disability. We encourage applications from people of all identities and experiences.