No seats. No barriers. All wonder.

Dive into a mesmerising world of total circus as the astonishing spectacle of Wunderage unfolds around, beside and above you. An emotional journey told through breathtaking physical feats, heart-stirring live music and honest humour, this world invites you to dream.

Wonder is the impulse that propels our first step into the unknown, and this unique promenade performance lets the audience immerse themselves in the show itself.

Tightwires are suspended in the strikingly lit space, the work emerges organically in all directions. Playful, generous and peppered with mischievous wit, the stories here will move and inspire. Wunderage explores the desire to be something you are not, and along the way will take you to places you never dared to dream possible.

Created by Chelsea McGuffin & Co.

wunderage 400x600


Date: 17 - 27 March
Time: 8.30pm (Sunday 5.30pm)
Location: Malthouse Outdoor Stage
Cost: $45 - $60
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