Get ready for when the doors open.


Circus Oz is leaning into the last-minute nature of our world to find new ways of connecting artists and audiences.

Sneak Peek is your eight month passport to the best new circus being created live in the moment. ​​


How does Sneak Peek work?

  • A one-off payment of $80 guarantees exclusive access to shows taking place over the eight months at our home in the Collingwood Yards, as we flood our building with some of the most exciting circus talent in the country. ​
  • As we identify opportunities, we will make them available to those on the Sneak Peek list. Expect a text or an email to land in your inbox one-week, 48 or even 24 hours in advance, inviting you to one of our Sneak Peek showings. You just need to sign up, come along and enjoy some of the best new circus being created in real time.

It’s low risk, high reward – here is your invitation to engage with the performing arts again.​


The Sneak Peek program will give you insight into how artists create. It’s your ticket to never-before-seen work before anyone else. Experience shows in their formation and take your place as an active part of the creative process.

The showings will be from our Incubator artists and Circus Oz productions. You can find a full list of artists and ensembles here.

For $80 over eight months it will only take seeing four Sneak Peek shows before your passport has paid off and it’s all bonus onwards.

Without a crystal ball, it’s hard to put an exact number on how many shows will be offered. But, we are confident the hundred circus artists we have in our program will keep you spoilt for choice.

To get on the list and gain exclusive access to our eight-month Sneak Peek program, you must register and pay the one-off $80 fee. Encourage your friends to sign up with you!

Circus is an exciting, diverse and daring artform. The artists in this program represent circus in all its forms; pushing physical boundaries, playing with everyday objects and transforming them into the extraordinary, hilarious shows to powerful and real storytelling.

So whether you’re a circus superfan or just looking to see something weird and wonderful in Collingwood, Sneak Peek is for you.

Some shows will be better suited to kids than others but we will make this super clear when sending out the notifications of showings.

The 8 month clock starts when the first viewing offer is sent out to the Sneak Peek list. So don’t be left standing still when Melbourne is back out, sign-up now to get your social options back into gear.

The Sneak Peek program is a rare opportunity to see shows in their development before they go on to the big stage. Your passport gives you the opportunity to meet the artists, discuss their work and provide feedback on the shows.

There is no obligation to stick around and offer feedback to artists after showings. By simply being in the audience and watching the show, you are offering valuable responses in real time. Your gasp of breath, your laughter, your look of surprise – all reactions fuel artists and the creative process.

Invitation lengths will vary so whilst some will be very last minute, other showings may be planned up to a few weeks in advance. We will always endeavour to provide as much notice as possible. Overall, your Sneak Peek invitation is an opportunity to embrace the last-minute nature of our world. We reckon some of the best nights out are spontaneous!

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Date: The clock starts from the first show
Time: 8 month program
Location: Circus Oz, Collingwood Yards - 35b Johnston St
Cost: $80 (one off payment)
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